VAT & customs advice

Thanks to our intensive cooperation with DHK Tax Lawyers & Legal Consultants (DHK), in-depth VAT advice and/or advice on customs & international trade is available whenever this is required.

  • Rotterdam niche office, specialized in VAT, customs and international trade
  • Dedicated team of experts, with a lengthy experience on VAT and customs matters for internationally operating companies
  • Practical, solution-driven, and cost-effective approach
  • Fast, personal and transparent communication
  • Excellent reputation, both with clients and with the Dutch Tax Authorities
  • Customs or VAT advice: expert advice on transactions, due diligence investigations, manuals, compliance guides, representation in judicial procedures, objection proceedings, and more

Please feel free to contact DHK if you would like a more detailed explanation of what DHK can do for your company.

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DHK Tax & Legal

  • In-depth VAT advice
  • In-depth customs advice
  • Directly accessible
  • Practical solutions
  • Highly experienced
  • Excellent reputation

VAT advice

VAT advice provided by DHK to our clients would typically regard:

  • Fiscal optimization of the flow of goods within the EU
  • Determining applicable VAT regime(s) for chain transactions and, where possible, the application of the simplified arrangement for triangular supplies
  • Advising on preventing VAT payment and/or registration obligations in other EU countries
  • Tuning the application of VAT compliance obligations within different EU countries
  • Advising on the inclusion of means of proof evidencing the correct application of 0% VAT rate for intra-EU or export supplies
  • Guiding and/or taking care of VAT refund procedures
  • Providing a workable VAT Manual for your company’s organization
  • Conducting checks in the area of VAT compliance, invoice requirements, etc.
  • Correct application of particular VAT arrangements, such as the arrangements for a VAT warehouse, an excise warehouse and distance sales
  • Application of One Stop Shop arrangement (OSS) or Mini One Stop Shop arrangement (MOSS)
  • Advising on the possible need to set up a legal entity or a fixed establishment
  • Conducting necessary steps towards the tax authorities, such as requesting for a ruling or starting an objection procedure or a court procedure
  • Taking care of any other issue that arises for the client, and for which DHK sees opportunities to assist him
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Customs & international trade advice

Customs & international trade advice provided by DHK to our clients would typically regard:

  • Identifying and advising on the reduction of customs risks
  • Conducting checks in the area of customs and international trade compliance
  • Advising on customs planning
  • Tariff classification; Binding Tariff Information/ BTI
  • Customs value;
  • Binding Origin Information/ BOI and tariff preferences
  • Customs transport, customs warehouses, inward processing, processing under customs control, outward processing, temporary importation
  • Inclusion in/ adaptation to existing ERP systems
  • Reduction/ management of customs compliance costs
  • Obtaining Authorised Economic Operator/ AEO status
  • International trade issues
  • Customs related tax issues, such as anti-dumping duties and excise duties
  • Court proceedings and objection proceedings.
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