Our services

Our services concern the tax representation of EU and non-EU companies. 

Is your company not based in the Netherlands, but does it use the Netherlands as its logistic hub? Or does your company import goods into the Netherlands? Then your company may benefit from appointing a Dutch VAT fiscal representative, or may even be obliged to appoint one.

At VAT Fiscal Representatives Holland B.V., we first of all  advise what tax/ VAT representation means for your company. Thereafter, we take care of your VAT and/or customs registration, and our appointment as your fiscal representative. After obtainance of your VAT number and customs (EORI) number, you will be able to start trading in the EU. Once appointed as your VAT fiscal represenative, we take care of your VAT obligations in the Netherlands   (for imports, local supplies, intra-EU deliveries/ ‘intracommunity supplies’, and export deliveries). Our services concern taking care of your VAT compliance.

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What we do

  • VAT registration
  • EORI registration
  • License to prevent VAT payment on imports
  • License to use a VAT warehouse
  • VAT compliance obligations
  • VAT return
  • MOSS/ OSS return
  • Sales listing
  • Intrastat return
  • In-depth VAT and customs advice through our network with DHK

You will need to appoint a VAT fiscal representative when:

  • You are a foreign company, wishing to prevent from pre-financing import VAT for imports into the Netherlands
  • You are a foreign company, supplying and purchasing goods within a VAT warehouse
  • You are a foreign company, supplying and purchasing excise goods within an excise warehouse
  • You are a non-EU company, performing distance sales (namely supplies of goods to consumers/ customers without a VAT number in another EU country)
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Benefits of having a VAT fiscal representative

  • Avoid paying VAT on imports
  • No cumbersome procedure for recovering VAT
  • Achieve a 0% VAT solution in most cases
  • Your Dutch VAT compliance obligations are taken care of
  • No Dutch bank account required
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How we take care of your fiscal representation

  • You will always receive a timely periodic reminder to provide your VAT information
  • We check your VAT information thoroughly
  • We meet your administrative VAT compliance obligations
  • We are directly and personally accessible for your queries