About us

Good accessibility is our priority. You will cooperate with a personal team of fiscal representatives & compliance experts, that will send you a timely periodic reminder to provide the VAT information of your company, and which provide you with full guidance on the required information. Our team will deal with your tax representation queries directly, and will be able to provide further guidance and advice through our network with DHK.

We will check the VAT information that is provided for your company thoroughly, and will directly return to you in case of any questions. After checking the information, we prepare the required VAT European Sales Listing and/or Intrastat return. We will always request your approval prior to submitting a prepared return to the tax authorities.

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What we stand for

  • High-quality service
  • Dedicated team of experts
  • Practical, solution-driven, and cost-effective approach
  • Fast and transparent communication
  • Thorough check of VAT information
  • Excellent reputation, both with clients and with the Dutch Tax Authorities
  • Ability to provide further guidance and advice through our network with DHK


We are specialized in VAT fiscal representation. We have a track record in VAT fiscal representation of over 20 years, and serve over 50 companies in over 30 countries.

Specialisms: fiscal representation, VAT and customs

To be able to provide the best possible service, our team consists of experts in three specialisms: fiscal representation, VAT and customs. Your company will always have direct and personal contact with a small team of fiscal representatives, assisted by a team of VAT and customs experts within our network with DHK for your possibly more complex questions.

Meet our team

Steven Diepenhorst - VAT fiscal representative
Steven Diepenhorst
Fiscal representative
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Henk Kreuk
Fiscal representative
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Joana da Mota
Fiscal representative
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Sander Benne - VAT Fiscal Representatives Holland
Sander Benne
Fiscal representative
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Klaas Dijkstra MSc.
VAT expert
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Peter de Kock LL.M
VAT expert
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Kees van Oosten
Customs expert
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Our VAT fiscal representation

From our expertise, we know that speed, clarity and compliance are of the utmost importance for trading companies. We therefore attach high importance to being directly accessible.

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VAT & customs advice

Thanks to our intensive cooperation with DHK Tax Lawyers & Legal Consultants (DHK), potentially required VAT and/or customs advice is perfectly within reach for us. DHK is a high-quality niche office, specialized in the areas of VAT, customs and international trade.

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