Benefits of a fiscal representative

Through appointing VAT Fiscal Representatives Holland B.V. as your general fiscal representative in the EU/ the Netherlands, you will achieve the following benefits:

Avoiding paying VAT on imports

VAT deferment system
The main benefit of appointing a Dutch VAT fiscal representative is:
It enables the application of the so-called “import deferment system”: precluding the need to pre-finance payable import VAT on the imports of goods from non-EU into Netherlands.

Preventing pre-financing VAT
Without the appointment of a VAT fiscal representative, the import VAT must be paid upon import. It can only be reclaimed afterwards, per separate refund application. This application has to be reviewed by the tax authorities. For this procedure, a pre-financing period of 3 to 6 months is normal.

Start doing business as quickly as possible
As soon as your company authorizes us to act as fiscal representative, we will do everything we can to obtain the required registration numbers and permits in the shortest possible amount of time. We aim at enabling your company to start doing business in and from the Netherlands as quickly as possible.


Achieving 0% VAT solution on sales/purchases

VAT warehouse & excise warehouse

Appointing a fiscal representative may also be beneficial for companies that want to purchase certain goods free of VAT, under an excise warehouse regime or a VAT warehouse regime. These conditioned regimes enable the application of the 0% VAT rate on the purchase and sales of goods that are (physically or, more often, non-physically on a license basis) stored within a warehouse.

Other favourable VAT arrangements

  • The possibility to avoid paying VAT on imports through appointment of a VAT
  • Fiscal representative
  • The application of a 0% VAT rate for business to business (B2B) intra-EU supplies of goods
  • Shifting the VAT declaration and payment obligation to the customer for business to business (B2B) intra-EU supplies of services.

Taking care of VAT compliance

When does your company have VAT compliance obligations?

All foreign companies that supply goods or services in the Netherlands, or from the Netherlands to another EU country, will in principle need a Dutch VAT registration. The VAT registration triggers the need to comply with Dutch VAT compliance obligations. Foreign (non-NL-resident) companies may appoint a Dutch VAT fiscal representative in order to take care of their administrative VAT compliance obligations. We are specialized in assisting with and taking care of the administrative VAT obligations of foreign companies.

VAT obligations that we take care of on a standard basis

  • Timely submitting the (monthly or quarterly) VAT return
  • Timely submitting the European Sales Listing
  • Timely submitting the Intrastat return (if applicable)
  • Giving clear instructions regarding the payment of due VAT to the tax authorities, if desired from your regular foreign bank account
  • Acting as your company’s local representative for any required contact with the tax authorities

Further VAT assistance

Assistance that we may provide when required/desired would typically include the practical implementation of:

  • VAT invoice requirements
  • Specific VAT arrangements (for example: imports, exports, intra-EU sales, simplified arrangement for triangular supplies, VAT warehouse, distance sales, One Stop Shop (OSS) or Mini One Stop Shop (MOSS))
  • Administrative obligations with regard to documenting evidence

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