How our fiscal representation works

How our fiscal representation works?

VAT Fiscal Representatives Holland B.V. stands for fast, personal and transparent communication. We take the following steps when acting as your tax representative.

How do we start?

Learn about what we can do for your company
Do you want to appoint a fiscal representative? Or do you want to learn about the benefits of a fiscal representative for your company? Please feel free to contact us:
+31(0)10 205 36 10

We learn about your company
At VAT Fiscal Representatives Holland B.V., we find it important to learn about your company. We want to understand what is important for your company. What services and which approach serves your company best?

We accept both well-established companies and start-ups. We provide our services to companies in other EU countries or outside the EU.

Insight in the costs
We will learn about your company, and provide you with an offer that is tailored to your company. Normally, our offer will concern the combination of an hourly rate and a fixed fee.

If you want to learn more about our fee structure, please feel free to contact us:
+31(0)10 205 36 10


How do we collaborate?

A quick start of our cooperation
After your company has authorized us to act as your general fiscal representative, we immediately start setting up the conditions that are necessary for this.

  • Dutch VAT number (if not yet available)
  • EU EORI number (if not yet available)
  • License to act as your company’s fiscal representative
  • Advice on the deposit or bank guarantee required by the tax authorities
  • License to prevent VAT payment on imports
  • License to use a VAT or excise warehouse (if applicable)
  • Any required formal correspondence to EU tax authorities in view of any performed distance sales (if applicable)

We take care of your periodic VAT compliance obligations
Having set up the framework, we will maintain taking care of the periodic VAT obligations of your company. This regards the submission of VAT returns, European Sales Listings and/or Intrastat returns, on time and correctly completed.

Timely reminder to provide VAT information
Each tax period, we timely remind you to provide us with the information that we need to meet your company’s compliance obligations. This regards:

  • An overview of imports, sales and purchases in or from the Netherlands
  • The corresponding import documents, invoices and means of proof of any transports to other EU countries

At VAT Fiscal Representatives Holland B.V., we stand for:

  • High-quality services
  • Dedicated team of experts
  • Practical, solution-driven, and cost-effective approach
  • Fast, personal and transparent communication
  • Thorough check of VAT information
  • Excellent reputation, both with clients and with the Dutch Tax Authorities
  • Ability to provide further guidance and advice through our network with DHK

Your contact persons
Our good accessibility is our priority. You will cooperate with a small team of experts. Our team will send you a timely periodic reminder to provide the VAT information of your company, and provide you with full guidance on the required information. We can deal with your representation related queries directly, and will be able to provide further guidance and advice through our network with DHK. (Learn more about us)

Approved VAT documentation
We will check the VAT information that is provided for your company thoroughly, and will directly return to you in case of any questions. After checking the information, we prepare the required VAT European Sales Listing and/or Intrastat return. We will always request your approval prior to submitting any prepared file to the tax authorities.


When to appoint us?

VAT registration or VAT representation?
During our mutual introduction, we will consider the business of your company, and will advise whether assigning a fiscal representative is preferred over the bare obtaining of a VAT registration number for your company.

You will need to appoint a VAT fiscal representative when

  • You are a foreign company, wishing to prevent from pre-financing import VAT for imports from non-EU into Netherlands
  • You are a foreign company, supplying goods within a VAT warehouse
  • You are a foreign company, supplying excise goods within an excise warehouse
  • You are a non-EU companies, performing distance sales (namely supplies of goods to consumers/ customers without a VAT number in another EU country)

Obtaining a VAT registration (with or without fiscal representation) is mandatory when

  • Selling goods in the Netherlands
  • Buying & selling goods in another country
  • Importing goods into EU
  • Stock transfers
  • Applying the one stop shop regime (MOSS/ OSS) in the Netherlands
  • Holding goods in warehouses in other EU countries for customers
  • Consignment stock
  • Holding a live conference, exhibition or training if paid entrance
  • Selling goods to consumers over the internet (obligation for general fiscal representation)
  • Supply and installation of equipment
  • Some situations where services are being provided (short term rent cars)