VAT Fiscal Representatives Holland BV (Rotterdam) is specialist in tax representation services for foreign companies, operating in the Netherlands. From our expertise, we know that VAT compliance is of the utmost importance to our clients, and so is rapid clarity on VAT issues. As tax representative, we first and foremost take great care of your VAT obligations in the Netherlands and, where possible, in other EU countries. Further, we focus on realizing the benefits of having a VAT general fiscal representative. VAT Fiscal Representatives Holland attaches high importance to being directly accessible, and are able to provide rapid solutions to VAT and customs issues through our network with DHK Tax & Legal.

What we do

  • VAT registration
  • EORI registration
  • License to prevent VAT payment on imports
  • License to use a VAT warehouse
  • VAT compliance obligations
  • VAT return
  • MOSS/ OSS return
  • Sales listing
  • Intrastat return
  • In-depth VAT and customs advice through our network with DHK
Our services

What we stand for

  • High-quality services
  • Dedicated team of experts
  • Practical, solution-driven, and cost-effective approach
  • Fast, personal and transparent communication
  • Thorough check of VAT information
  • Excellent reputation, both with clients and with the Dutch Tax Authorities
  • Ability to provide further guidance and advice through our network with DHK
About us

Our Clients

  • Foreign (EU and non-EU) companies
  • Over 50 companies world wide
  • Trading in commodities, network solutions, foods & beverages, consumer products, etc.
  • Appreciating the direct, personal contact with our team
Our clients

“Obtaining the VAT registration number on such short notice is really impressive”

– Swiss bulk/ commodity trader